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Box2Glory Help File

Player Interface

There are two interfaces to box2glory. One for everyone else to see at and another one that you can see after you login at Once you login you will end up on the gym's home page. Let us walk through the player interface in detail.

Stable screen

This screen shows you all the boxers that you currently have signed. Clicking on each individual boxer will show you the details of their contracts. You can release a boxer, or set boxer to be traded.
Also note the releasing a boxer is much cheaper for lower level gyms as they only have to pay a fraction of the release fee.

Thus it is easier to dump the boxers that you do not like when your gym is small and you have no room for many boxers.
You can also see what attribute the boxer is training as well as how profitable that boxer is to your gym.

Here note that you will only see attributes of the boxer that are trainable. To see all attributes of the boxer just click on a boxer's name.
Once in a boxer's browser you can click "Show Scouted" button to see all attributes of your or other boxer's that you have scouted.

You can see how many boxers you gym is allowed to have here.
Level 1 gyms - 2 boxers
Level 2 gyms - 3 boxers
Level 3 gyms - 6 boxers
Level 4 gyms - 11 boxers
Level 5 gyms - 18 boxers

Gym level is defined directly by how much money the gym is worth. The bigger the gym level the more it costs to upkeep the gym every week.

Stuff screen

Trainers train boxers, you can assign them from the Manage menu.
Scouts can scout boxers that you may want to sign or need to fight
Cutmen can be select for fights to help your fighters deal with cuts. Cutmen are useful if you know that one of your boxers cuts easy (low skin attribute).

Manage/Scout & Sign

This is an important screen from where you can sign boxers. First you have to use a filter to narrow down the search. Most of the field are obvious. New will only show boxers that have not had their first fight yet. Realistic will only show boxers that have a chance to sign with your gym.
The contract filter allows you to see boxers that are not under any contract and can be signed right away. Windowed - means you can negotiate with them and they will sign for your gym when their contract is over. The boxers that are under contract you cannot sign unless their gym has put them up for a trade.

Once you performed a desired filter you will see a listing of boxers that satisfy your filter conditions under Results. You can negotiate directly with Windowed and Free boxers. For boxers under contracts you will negotiate with their gyms. Here is how to read the results.

20 year old Bobby is contracted to some gym until time shown. But that gym did put him up for trade. For $1,000 you can buy Bobby. You will then be allowed to negotiate with Bobby to agree on salary, etc. Once that is done Bobby will join your gym.
22 year old Samuel is contracted to gym, but you can tell he is windowed because Negotiate link is available. His contract expires less then 12 weeks from now, which makes him windowed. If you negotiate will him successfully he will join your gym right after his current contract expires.
25 year old Ryan is not under any contract. You can get him anytime.
Gyms sometimes put their fighters up for a free trade, and often will not put them for trade at all.

In addition to signing boxers you also do scouting here. You can assign scout to any filtered boxer that you want. You may want to scout boxers prior to signing them or prior to fighting them. Remember you as a manager can do only one of three things: market, scout or train. So if you choose to scout then you will not be doing the other two. You can switch between them at any time.
You can always sign professional scouts to your stuff instead of doing it yourself. As a trainer and scout you are ranked as level 1. You can get scouts and trainers all the way to level 4.
Scouts have a chance to uncover attributes of the boxer each week. The higher scout level the more accurate and faster he will scout the boxers.

Energy Distribution

Each round you have 100% of you energy (110% is you are taking illegal steroids). You then need to distribute your energy between 4 areas. Attacking, Defending, Power and Resting.

Attack controls how many punches you throw. Defend how well you defend yourself and Power how many of your punches are power shots. Rest is option and can be used if you want to recoup some of the lost energy.

Attack is the most draining on your energy and using high attack will make you tire faster. Power is also draining your energy reserve but not as much as Attack. Defend does not drain your energy.
Rest only recoups a portion of lost energy during the bout so it really becomes useful to rest only once your endurance percent falls below 70%. You want to have defence set at least 20 % as anything less will likely see you knocked out. Attack generally should not be over 60%, and that will get you tired fast. Power should not go over 70%. More typical distributions are in this range: Att(5-60%), Pow (1-60%), Def (20-95%)

Fight plans

There are three important parts of the fight plans. First part is optional and consist of the single line. This line identifies your instructions for you corner man to step in and stop the fight. This is useful if your fighter is loosing and it is looking hopeless. In this case you want to save your fighter from unnecessary damage. Example:

0:if stamina<40 and score<0 then towel

Remember if you are planning to give up then this line must be the first line in your fight plan.

The next part is called Global lines. These are identified by 0: infront (Thus a give up line is also a global line, but it must be the first one). Global lines are read by interpreter until the first match. As soon as the match is found that is the line that will be used in current round. Thus the global lines generally have conditions attach to them.
Example 0:if opp=0 and stamina>60 and score>1 then 0/25-H/50/25{inside}
If the line did not have conditions attach to it the line would be found always and always used for each of the rounds. So unless you are planning to have the same strategy every round you are going to have a condition attached to any line starting with 0:

The last part of the fight plan is all the rounds starting with 1. These are indicated by 1: to 12: for 1st round to 12th round. These lines are read differently than the global lines. They are read until the round number is above the current round. At this point whichever was the last line that matched is going to be used for current round.
Here is the example:

0:if stamina<50 and opp>1 and score<0 then towel
0:if opp=0 and stamina>60 and score>1 and warnings=0 then 0/25-H/50-!/25{inside}
0:if opp=0 and stamina>60 and score>1 then 0/25-H/50/25{inside}
1:if score<-1 then 0/30/15/55{clinch}
6:if score>5 then 0/20-H/40/40{inside}
6:if score<0 then 0/30/15/55{clinch}
6:if score<-1 then 0/30/25/45{clinch}
6:if score<-2 then 0/20-B/45/35{clinch}
6:if score>4 then 0/20-H/40/40{inside}
8:if score>3 then 0/20-H/40/40{inside}
10:if score>2 then 0/20-H/40/40{inside}
12:if score>1 then 0/20-H/40/40{inside}
12:if score<0 then 0/25-H/55-!/20{inside}

Round 1 starts. First the parser is checking the global lines. All of those have conditions attached and none of those create a match. (If it did find a match it would stop parsing and use that line for the round.) The parser now checks lines after the global lines. It checks line
this line has no condition so it always matches. The parser continues to the next line
1:if score<-1 then 0/30/15/55{clinch}
which has condition that is not met. The next line is then read
6:if score>5 then 0/20-H/40/40{inside}
However, this line has the round number that is higher then the current round so the parser ignores it. The parser continues to parse but all the lines following also are ignored for the same reason. So for round one the matched line 1:0/20-H/45/35{inside} is used.

Round 2 starts. The global lines are checked and lets say none of those match. Now
is checked and is a match. Then next line is checked
1:if score<-1 then 0/30/15/55{clinch}
Since the condition states that if the fighter is behind on points by more than 2 then the condition is met and this line will be used for round 2.

A good rule to remember is that for global rounds the first match that occurs within the global round is used. On the other hand for non-global rounds the last match found is the one that is used.

Finer points, Taunting
Taunting is effective if you want to throw the opposing boxer off his plan. Taunting is more effective the higher the different between your Flare and opponents Concentration.
If you look at opponents boxer's mentality (a public attribute) you can see if it is defensive or aggressive. If you taunt the boxer will be either more offensive or defensive depending on mentality
So if you are planning to go for a knock out in a certain round and you can see that opponent is aggressive you can exploit his aggressiveness by taunting.
The opponents boxer will raise their attacking and drop their defense allowing you a better chance to score a KO
To exploit defensive boxers you can taunt them for them to drop their attacking and not score as many points

Moving up (and down)

The Gym has a level which is based on how much money it is worth. Also each gym has fame, which is governed how successful the gym's fighters are. Sometimes a famous gym may get a boxer to agree to sign for much less money just to be part of that gym.

There are three tiers in a game. These three leagues are country, continent and world.

To get promoted a champion must defend title 3 times in a row. A fighter will be relegated from a division if he losses two in a row, unless he has a lock.

Each country is allocated a certain amount of spaces in advanced divisions. (continent and world). So if USA has 3 slots in North America for example the top 3 USA boxers in North American division can not be relegated no matter what.

Slots are reallocated each year based on how successful the country(for continent level divisions) or continent (for world division) has been during the last 2 years. Thus you are encouraged to support other boxers from your country and continent. The better they do the more likely you have a lock.

All about boxer stats
Boxer have attributes that are private

Boxers have attributes that they can train. These attributes change over game time.

Speed Governed attributes are : Hand Speed, Footwork and Defense
Stamina Governed attributes are : Stamina
Mental Governed attributes are : Concentration and Workrate
Strength Governed attributes are : Strength and Explosiveness

Other attributes, except condition, are constant
Chin measures boxers punch resistance
Skin measure cut resistance of the skin
Flare measures how flashy the boxer. Flashy boxers tend to produce more exiting fights, which may bring in more spectators and money.
Also if boxer's flare is higher than opponents concentration boxer can taunt more effectively.
A negative side effect of high flare is that the boxer may taunt even the fight plan does not ask for it.
Heart measures how the boxer survives under duress. Boxers with high heart may get up from a punch that other boxers would not. They may also get energy boost at the end of the round
Media savvy is for boxers who can be media darlings, due to their personality and or looks. These boxers can be great for marketing and can provide good cash flow into your gym
Ambition is another attribute private attribute. Boxer with high ambition will train harder but will expect to get moved up faster than the guys with low ambition. Also if they lose their moral drops more

Boxers also have some hidden attributes that can never be found out exactly. There is talent, character type. There are four character types.
Depending on the type the boxer will react different to the media wars.
Making a certain comment to the media prior to the fight may lower the opponent boxer's moral or may backfire and raise it.
Once you observer the reaction try to remember what works and what not on that boxer

Boxers have also public attributes that are always available for all to see. Mentality, Morale and experience are examples of those.
Morale is important as it is a modifier for everything during fight. Mentality is used in taunting. Experience is important. Veteran, experienced and rookie are three levels and the boxers with experience advantage will be able to get away with fouls more likely, as well as finish fights or survive when need to.

You can tell a lot about a boxer even without scouting by looking at public profile.

So, what do these numbers mean in the boxer's record? 10(8[6])-0-6(6[1])
Basically we know boxer is 10-0-6. Has 10 wins, 0 ties and 6 losses.
Second number in a set is how many of the fights did not go to the judges. Fights can end because the opponent gives up, runs out of energy, disqualified, protected by referee in an uneven contest, or stopped due to injury.
Third number is how many of the fight did not go to the judges specifically because of the knockout
We can immediately see strength based boxers. Like the one in the image.
Most of his winning fights do not go to the judges. A guy with a great knockout punch would have third and second numbers same or close to each other as well.
Boxers that win on points will have winning set more like 10(1[0]).
For losing set you can tell if boxer has low stamina or cuts easy if his fights do not go to judges often as first and second number are same or close. (like the guy on the image)
You can also tell if the chin is weak if second and third number are same or close as it means the fights do not go to the judges because he gets knockout. (not like the guy on the image)
Of course you can also look Fightology of the boxer to read the details behind each fight to get a better understanding of his strength and weaknesses.
Hiring a scout could be your next step if you want more information about your opponent or possible future signing

This is a career line

The vertical lines tell the story about title fights. If there are no vertical line the boxer never fought for a title.
Blue line shows that the boxer fought for a title and won it.
Green line is each title defense
Black line is for when the title is lost
While line is for when the boxer gets a title fight, but fails to win a title
The background color shows which level the boxer is fighting at. This boxer started in country (dah!) Won a title after few fights. Then defended it three times
Promotion to continent level followed (blue line background).
The boxer immediately captured continental title and defended it 3 times as well gaining promotion to world level (gold background)
The boxer was given a title shot at world title not once, but twice but he lost them both.

All about trainer stats
Trainers can help boxers train faster.
Speed Governed attributes are : Hand Speed, Footwork and Defense
Stamina Governed attributes are : Stamina . Also boxer's current conditioning recovers faster if such trainer is assigned to him.
Strength Governed attributes are : Strength and Explosiveness
Mental Governed attributes are : Concentration and Workrate
Management attribute allows trainer to train more boxers without aquiring penalty.
When trainer and boxer do not speak the same language there is a penalty that applies.

All about scouts
Scouts can be used to scout boxers. There are 4 level of scouts with 4 being the best. Only scouts of level 3 and 4 can scout permanent (non-trainable) attributes. You cannot choose specific attributes that the scout will gather. You just assign scout to scout a specific boxer and randomly you may discover attributes about the boxer. A scout can only be assigned to a single boxer.
The higher the level of scouts the faster the discovery process will take. Keep in mind that discovered trainable attributes will be less accurate over timer as the boxer may be training these attributes, etc. The color of the attribute number goes from light green (freshly discovered) to dark green (discovered long time ago and my not be accurate).

Boxing Pictures

As long as the boxer is in your gym and his picture does not exist, you can create one. Box2Glory will accept any picture that could reasonably be a picture of a boxer. Sorry but that means no picture of your favorite pet, not babes, or your adorable kids - unless they look like boxers.
There are some good face generation sites that you can use to generate a face, if you prefer this instead of some photo.
EA site has a face generator for their latest FIFA games that you can use to generate any face you want, but I think you need to open a free account GameFace
There is also site called Evolver that will allow you to generate faces.
Probably there are others. The bottom line is send me something that looks like a boxer and I will add it.

Have your email to have subject of "photo username-boxerfirstname boxerlastname", like Subject: photo fergsuk - Tom Lobes

Gym Sponsors

You may want to have sponsors if you are a gym owner. All that you have to do is just add a link to a website that you want to sponsor your gym. It can be any website you want. Think of it as free advertisement for your favorite things, all courtesy of B2G. (keep it civil please; no hate sites, XXX sites, etc. please)

So, why would I want to add a sponsor you ask?
When fightcard is created a randomly selected sponsor is attached to a fightcard. If your boxer is ever on a fightcard that is sponsored by one of your sponsors - your boxer gets a nice bonus. The better mediasavvy of your boxer - the better the bonus. Think of it as your boxer hitting the sponsorís talking circuit prior to the fight.

To make things balanced, all gyms regardless of size have a maximum of 100 sponsors.


Partnerships/Teams/Clans/Cartels/Conglomerates/Groups , whatever you want to call it, but they can be fun. Any gym can create a group as soon as it reaches highest level of wealth and fame. New members (gyms) can be invited to join this group. In this way group has no national boundaries.

The winning records of gyms in the group are tracked versus other groups. Bragging rights are cherished. Once in a group, it is acceptable to share scout information of boxers or help one another with fight plans.

The cost of being in the partnership is 10% of the revenue each turn. This money is going to partnership treasury.

Adding an entrance music

At some point your boxer might be at the level when you can select his entarance music. Box2Glory integrates with Youtube. Go to
Once there find music you want select URL and copy it


Then go to your gym and paste (CTRL-V)


Then click Link botton.

If you did it right you should see this on comfirmation.

Please note:depending on your browser setting you may not see the actual embedded song box here, but as long as you see the name of the song above it should work in fight pages.

Now, if this boxer fights you should everyone viewing the fight will see that song under the boxer name (right above age). Clicking on the box plays that song streaming from youtube.